Science Ke Important Questions Competitive Exam In Hindi

Science Ke Important Questions Competitive Exam In Hindi, General Science Questions Answer PDF Download in Hindi – Free Science Quiz Mock Test Competitive Exam 2019-2020 – दोस्तों आज के इस पोस्ट में हम लेकर आए हे (Science) विज्ञान के Most Important Question जो Competitive Exam के लिए महत्पूर्ण रहेगा – Like SSC CGL LDC MTS DEO STENO, RAILWAY RRB GROUP D NTPC UPSC CDS BANK BIHAR POLICE UP POLICE HP & Other State Exam 2020

Science Ke Important Questions Competitive Exam In Hindi

GS Important Questions Competitive

Science बहुत ही Important Topic के Competitive Exam के लिए | आज इस पोस्ट में उन्ही Questions को देखने वाले है | जो Exams में पूछा जाता है और ये सभी प्रश्न आपको याद भी होना चाहिए | आप इस PDF भी Download कर सकते है | निचे दिए गए Download Button पर क्लिक करे |



Science के Important Topic जो Exam में हमेशा पूछा जाता है –

Biology के Topic

1.  Introduction
2. Classification of Organisms.
3. Cytology
4. Genetics
5. Structure of Plant and Animal Cell.
6. Classification of Plant Kingdom.
7. Plant Morphology
8. Plant tissue
9. Photosynthesis
10. Plant Hormones
11. Plant Diseases
12. Mode of Nutrition in Plant.
13. Control and Coordination in Plant
14. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plant.
15. Asexual Reproduction in Plants.
16. Transport system in Plant.
17. Respiration and Excretion in plants.
18. The Cell: The foundation of all living things.
19. Cell: Structure and Functions.
20. Control and Coordination in Human.
21. Human Reproductive system.
22. Excretory system in Humans.
23. Respiratory system in Humans.
24. Human Circulatory system.
25. The Heart.
26. Composition of Blood.
27. Functions of Blood.
28. Human Digestive system.
29. Cell Division
30. Food and Nutrition.
31. Human Diseases.
32. Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion
33. Classification of Animal Kingdom.
34. The five kingdoms of life.
35. Mode of Nutrition in Animal.
36. Nutrition in Animal.
37. Sexual Reproduction in Animal.
38. Respiration in Animals.
39. Miscellaneous.

Physics के Topic

1. Units & Dimensions
2. Motion
3. Work, Energy, and Power
4. Gravitation
5. Pressure
6. Floatation
7. Surface Tension
8. Viscosity
9. Elasticity
10. Simple Harmonic Motion
11. Wave
12. Sound Wave
13. Heat & Thermodynamics
14. Light
15. Static Electricity
16. Current Electricity.
17. Magnetism
18. Atomic and Nuclear Physics
19. Scientific Instruments.
20. Inventions
21. Radioactivity.
22. Nuclear fission and fusion
23. Electromagnetism
24. The four fundamental forces
25. The kinetic theory of matter
26. Magnetic effect of electric current
27. The Human eye and Defects.

 Chemistry के Topic

1. Matter and its state
2. Atomic Structure
3. Chemical Bonding
4. Periodic Classification of Element.
5. Oxidation and Reduction
6. Acids, Base, and Salts
7. Behaviour of Gases
8. Electrolysis
9. Carbon and its Compound
10. Fuels
11. Metallurgy
12. Metals and Non-metals
13. Chemical Reactions
14. Radioactivity
15. Electrochemistry
16. Catalyst
17. Hydrocarbons
18. List of important Drugs and Chemicals
19. Fertilizers
20. Concepts of pH scale.
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